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Trusting God for Victory

Jehoshaphat was a good king. He told Israel to “ …have faith in the Lord your God and

you will be upheld.” 2nd Chronicles 20: 20. Judah is facing uncountable enemies that

are surrounding the country. [2 nd Chronicles 20: 2]. The news of an enemies are in the

door of Judah was relay to King Jehoshaphat. What King Jehoshaphat did is an

example for all of us as we facing an unknown and unpredictable year 2024 and

beyond. The unpredictable events is facing each one of us, our family, our fellowships,

our church and our job and etc. These unpredictable events are not easily grasp; fully

understand and might not have a quick answer. King Jehoshaphat did three things that

I hope we all can learn and copy.

King Jehoshaphat resolved to seek the Lord. 2 nd Chronicles 20: 3. He has

determination because he had experienced the love and grace of God. He knows that

the Lord is the only one that can save him and his country. [2 nd Chronicles 18: 31]

King Jehoshaphat gathered all the people to pray to God. All of Judah, their wives and

children came together to pray to God and seek God’s help. No matter where they are

from. [ 2 nd Chronicles 20: 4 and 20: 13]. They stood as one in front God. All the people

are united believing only God can save them.

King Jehoshaphat and the people sang praises before they march out to the battle.

They sang praises to remind themselves how good God was and is to them. [ 2 nd

Chronicles 20: 21. The song remind themselves that they stood in front of a holy God.

The people know that their God, whom they stood and praise , is in control of the whole


As you read further in 2 nd Chronicles 20, God gave King Jehoshaphat and people of

Judah a great victory in which they did not have to battle. The people of Judah just

stand and see the victory the God gives to them.

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