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Bountiful Eye

When I was a kid in Sunday School we used to sing a song that included the phrase, “Oh be careful little eye what you see.” The point was to remind us as kids that what we chose to look at in our lives affected our lives. As an old man now I can look back and realize how I have been influenced by what I have seen.

Proverbs 22:9 tells us that those who have bountiful eye will be blessed. Why are they blessed? Because they have seen the needs of others and did something to help them. In contrast we see in Proverbs 28:22 that those with evil eye will only worry about more money. They are blind to the needs of others. So it is not just what you look at but how you see it.

In the Bible the eye is what shows the light or the darkness of what is in our souls. Dr. Dick Foth said, “There are two things that we do with our lives, relationships and money, and one of those will make you rich.” What is harder for us, stopping ourselves from giving or forcing ourselves to give? Do we see people as problems or possibilities? Are we known as a generous church with our money and our time?

Having bountiful eye is not always easy. Crying out to God for the pain and suffering of others is draining. But it is a blessing to see the world in the light of God’s truth. Having evil eye will leave us spiritually empty because we have ignored God’s creation. My prayer for OCM is that we will have bodies that are full of light. (Matthew 6:22)

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