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Points of Prayer: Matthew 6:5-13

Growing up, I often heard leaders and pastors pray from the pulpit and their voices suddenly change to a different syrupy tone. I wonder to myself if the “holier than thou” voice was to impress God and the listeners. Jesus reminded us not to parade publicly our prayers, but to be private and precise. He taught his disciples to pray with praise (v9), with purpose (v10), for provision (v11), for pardon (v12), and for protection (v13).

Communication is vital in any relationship. We hear from God through the Written Word (Bible). God hears from us through our words. Prayer is simply talking to someone, in this case God. It does not require a deep baritone voice. It does not require eloquence and expansive vocabulary. It simply requires a desire on our part to talk to God. I encourage you to talk to our Heavenly Father anytime and anywhere because God is not bound by time and place. Give it a try and have a wonderful conversation with our God.

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