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Chinatown Yarn Circle
唐人街 鉤針編織  團體

Chinatown Yarn Circle Project
STAND-SPEAK-SHAPE | 起來 - 發言 - 改善

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This large-scale crochet mural is a gift for Chinatown, made by Chinatown neighbors and friends.
Our crochet flowers, made by community volunteers, will usher words of strength, synergy and solidarity to our Chinatown neighborhood to culturally inspire us to STAND strong together; SPEAK up for justice; and SHAPE society through sharing community life together in passing a legacy of strength through collaboration and history of triumph over struggle to future generations. 
Our goal is to engage as many Chinatown locals, neighbors and friends, many just trying out this new skill, to create crochet pieces. With everybody’s help, we will work towards a total of 800 squares and 500 flowers, that will then be sewn together into a 4-foot high by 25-foot wide mural to adorn the fences at Columbus Park. We anticipate blooming voices and a powerful community-created visual mural serving as a reminder of the value that as individuals joined together collectively, we STAND-SPEAK-SHAPE our community and our society .

About the Yarn Circle Project:


Join the Community Art project: STAND-SPEAK-SHAPE:  起來 - 發言 - 改善
As a Catalyst Commission 2021 Awardee, the Chinatown Yarn Circle has launched its inaugural project: STAND-SPEAK-SHAPE, to lead an inter-generational civic-engagement community art project to crochet letters, leaves and flowers that usher forward this inspiring message while engaging in civic participation skills building and civic engagement discussions.  Through groups of crocheters coming together through “yarn circles”, OCM is partnering with artist Naomi Lawrence and other Chinatown organizations: Think Chinatown and Creative Sanctum (Also see below for other partners) to create a mural-sized yarn installation to be installed at Columbus Park to raise awareness on issues impacting the AAPI community. Our work will be displayed as a feature of the Chinatown Arts Week (CHAW) October festival.

Get the latest updates by following us on Instagram @chinatownyarncircle


Beginner Instructions here.
Make yourself a cardboard cutout, measure 2½” x 2½”

(Green/Yellow) Patterns:

Flower Patterns


Blossom Flower


Water Lily Pattern

Sample made by Mia

Water Lily / Lotus


Water Lily Pattern

Sample made by Yi-Ming

Water Lily / Lotus


Sample made by Maria



Water Lily Pattern

Sample made by Susan

Water Lily / Lotus


About the Artist: Naomi Lawrence

Naomi Lawrence is a NYC Fiber Artist based in East Harlem. She works with acrylic yarn to create oversized 2-Dimensional crochet flowers, trees and wildlife. The site-specific installations are sewn onto chain-link fences in parks and public spaces. Originally from England, UK she studied Floral Design at the University of Arts London and worked as a freelance events florist for some of Londons top floral designers including REBEL REBEL and Yan Skates. Her first installation created in 2014, Blue Iris endeared her to the East Harlem community that she now calls home. Her installations take a few months to create but are generally approved by the city to stay in place for up to one year. They are often washed and refurbished to be reinstalled in various locations such as school playgrounds. Public engagement is a primary goal of each installation. The works become part of the urban landscape.

Her Website is

Chinatown Yarn Circle Supporting Partners:

Oversea Chinese Mission


Think Chinatown


Walls - Ortiz Gallery and Center


Asian Americans for Equality


Center for All Abilities


Knitty City

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