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Blessed are those who fear the Lord

In Psalms 34, David share with us the blessing for fearing God. Fearing God is totally missing in today’s society. Today, people are more interested in what they want, get and hold on. David’s Psalm mentioned reasons why we need to be fear God. Fearing God will have the following blessings from God.

(1) David stated that God answer the prayers of all who sought Him: verses 4, 6, 15, 17,

(2) God deliver us from fears [verse 4] and deliver us from troubles: verses 17 and 19.

(3) God provides us with all our needs: we will lack nothing: verses 9 and 10.

(4) God watches over us throughout all of our life [ verse 22]

(5) God protects us: verses 7

When we taste and see the blessings that God, we know what God is good to us. After we taste and see that the Lord is good, we know God’s eyes are ever watching us; God’s ears are ever listening to our prayers; close to us when we are in need. We will have this personal relationship with God that will surpass the test of time. Then we can extol God all the times; glorify God; joining God’s universal family to extol God’s goodness together as the worship when Jesus returns to take us to the Heaven home. Let us all strive to fear God together so can have all the blessings as stated in this Psalms.

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