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研經系列 Bible Study Series

單元 Unit
介紹 Description
語言 Language
材料 Material
影音 Video
Unit 1: "Where will God live in the end times?"
​In the midst of pestilence it's human to ask, "Where is God?" The Bible actually explains very clearly where God is. This study is the first of five units, searching for God from Creation all the way to the end times.
Unit 2: "Where will God live in the Old Testament?"
The Lord appeared to many people and in many different circumstances. How were they connected? Can we learn something that will comfort and reassure us in these days?
Unit 3: "Where did God live in the time of Jesus?"
In Luke 9 Jesus stated, "Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” In this unit the focus will be on who is Jesus and what kind of person is He?
Unit 4: "Where did God live in the time of the Early Church?"
Jesus has risen and the Gospel spreads across the Roman Empire. But why didn't the Early Church get together and build a brand new temple to worship Jesus?
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