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​同工 Staff


Min. Florence Chung

Cantonese Ministries Minister



Minister Florence Chung was born and grew up in Hong Kong; she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior during middle school. After a few years of working, she responded to the Lord’s calling, she studied at Hong Kong Alliance Bible Seminary and received her Bachelor of Theology and Master of Christian Ministry respectively. Minister Chung served as a church minister in Hong Kong for many years, serving mainly the elderly and families. After coming to the United States, Minister Chung worked at an early child development center, and at the same time, she voluntarily served at the church where her husband was shepherding. In October 2023, Minister Chung joined OCM’s pastoral team; she has three children with her husband, Dr. Ivan Kwong.

Minister Chung enjoys listening to Christian hymns and reading stories of different Bible characters, as many of these stories witness God’s miraculous works in the lives of numerous characters. People experience different stages of life, ranging from happiness and joyfulness to sadness and worries. But most importantly, people can experience God’s presence because God loves everyone and will not leave them alone. Minister Chung hopes everyone will get to know the stories of the characters in the Bible and learn about God’s presence, and that He is walking with people.

(212) 219-1472 ext. 148

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