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Friday Night Bible Study (4:30PM - 6:00PM)
Sunday Fellowship (10AM - 11:15AM)
Worship Service (11:30AM - 12:45PM)
Vision: For every youth to have their foundation in a grace-based identity in Christ that empowers Christ-loving and Christ-like living.
異象: ⿎勵青少年們樹立以恩典為中⼼的⾝份, 俾能彰顯效法基督與愛的⾒證.
Mission: To disciple the youth toward a grace-based, gospel-centered identity which in turn enables loving Christ and being like Christ. Grace-based motivation builds grace-based maturity.
使命: 注重青少年⾨訓, 按神⼼意, 樹立以恩典與福⾳為中⼼的⾝份, 愛主並活像基督, 在恩典為中⼼之推動下, 增長以恩典為中⼼的⾝量.
Questions or concerns? Contact Minister Barnabas (

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