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The renowned author in the evangelical Christian community, Philip Yancy, said in his book "Prayer -- Does It Make Any Difference?" that he wrote the book not because he's an expert in prayers but simply because he wanted to learn more about prayers. Rev. Johann Lai , the Founder & President of SAGOS (Sound Application Grounded On Scriptures) said in his YouTube prayer series that, "Prayer is not a report. It is not an accusation, a groan. It is not a speech. It is not a spare tire. It is not to give advice to God." He continued saying that "Prayer is... through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus, coming into the presence of God the Father." Often times when we pray to God, we are absent-minded that we are praying to the truine God, that it is the Holy Spirit that inspires and strengthens us to pray. It is also by the blood of Jesus that we are able to come into the presence of God the Father in prayers.

Dr. Lai further stated that there are three spiritual laws in prayers. He said that God has set in place that He will not work on certain things unless there is sufficient prayer. If so, can prayers change things? The answer is 'Yes'. Prayer is the most important factor in promoting God's work. We've often heard people say "More prayer, more strength. Less prayer, less strength. No prayer, no strength."

God has also set in place certain things and no matter how much people pray, they cannot change the facts. If so, can prayer really change things? The answer is 'Not always'.

The main purpose of prayer is not to change things, but to change the person praying. Sometimes out of desperation we want to pray to God and ask Him to change our environment. But we neglect that we need to be changed by God as we come before Him in prayer.

Prayer could be as simple as having a conversation with God. Yet it seems very difficult to master it. The Bible says when we pray, we need to have faith (Matthew 17). It also says prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results (James 5). We need to pray earnestly (James 5). We need to pray with unity (Acts 2). And most importantly, we need to pray according to God's will (1John 5). May we experience the works of God's hands in us as we learn to pray effectively.

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