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青少年事工 Youth Ministry

​團契  Fellowships

Cana & Hebron: Fellowship Schedule

OCM Youth Group Schedule
Middle School: Hebron Fellowship / High School: Cana Fellowship

4:30PM - 6:00PM - Friday Night Bible Study (Hang out, games, Bible study)

Our calendar runs on a 5 week schedule e.g. Week 1 is the first Sunday of the month. For the program listed below, the time is from 10AM-11:15AM

Week 1 - Bible Lesson with small groups
Week 2 - Building relationships with play
Week 3 - Adult-led small groups
Week 4 - Student-led large group games
Week 5 - Variety

From 11:30AM-12:45PM is the 11:30AM English Worship Service on the 9th floor, and it is the primary worship service for the youth group. For other services, please see our “Sunday Service” link on the website.


Youth Resources

Questions or concerns? Whether you are a new middle school student looking for Hebron or a high school student looking for Cana, or even someone looking for a new church, please email Minister Barnabas at with your youth group questions. He will tell you the additional details such as meeting locations. If you have any additional concerns feel free to contact him.
Thank you and see you at youth group!

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