OCM Copy Service

Many are concerned about how you will be able to make copies for your ministry involvement and your fellowships. Of course you are totally welcome to make copies at Staples (we will not be able to reimburse though!). But we also want to make sure that we are able to provide copy support for the ministries of OCM. Starting on March 4, we will begin our new Copy Service.

This service will be available in two ways. First you can give to the Welcome Desk at MS131 what you need copied along with a copy request form. We will make the copies at the office and they will be available at the 80 Bowery office until 5:00PM or you can pick them up at the Welcome Desk the following Sunday. So in one week you will have your copies!

Second you can email the request to [email protected] by Wednesday at 5:00PM. Your copies will be available by Friday at the 80 Bowery office or Sunday at the Welcome Desk. On your email you will need to include the Fellowship or Ministry Name, Your Name, Your Phone Number, the Amount of Copies, and Any Special Instructions.

So Remember…