The Fellowships Department has been working very hard to arrange the rooms at MS 131 so that your fellowship will be able to continue your great ministries this year. There will be times when you will want to reserve rooms in addition to your weekly assigned rooms.

We do have some space available on Sundays. We also have on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday limited space available at Grace Faith Church from 6:00-9:00PM. We will not have any extra rooms on Fridays.

To request a room on those days send us an email at [email protected].

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Fellowship Meeting Rooms

Fellowship ID Badges

  • Each fellowship will be assigned ID badges for each member of their fellowship. The badges will be numbered and the fellowships will be responsible to prepare a list of each person who is given a badge. The list will include the badge number, members full English and Chinese name, telephone number, and email address.
  • All other ministries will be assigned badges for their respective ministries and will follow the same procedure.
  • Only those with scheduled meetings and ID badges will be allowed on the second and fourth floors.
  • Visitor Badges will be available at the OCM Safety Table. An OCM member with an ID badge may sign out a Visitor badge and is responsible to return the badge at the end of the day.

Taking Care of Classrooms at MS 131

  • Always leave the room better than you found it. If in doubt take a picture before using the room.
  • Put all furniture back as you found it. It would be a good idea to take a picture of the room so that everything can be put back correctly. Take a picture afterwards of the setup to make sure that you set it up properly.
  • Only use equipment that belongs to OCM. No equipment, white boards, smart boards, or other school equipment may be used.
  • Throw out your trash.
  • All food and drinks need to be eaten and drank in the cafeteria and the lobby. Please place all garbage in the proper garbage cans. No food or drink is allowed in any classroom.

Children’s Ministry

  • Children may be signed into the Children’s Ministry during the hours of 9:00AM – 1:15PM. Parents will sign out their Children from the Children’s Ministry. If a child is not in the Children’s Ministry the child must remain under the direct supervision of their parent. Children are not allowed to be left anywhere in the building unsupervised.


  • Because of the lack of storage space there will not be AV equipment available for the fellowship use. There will also not be storage at MS 131.