An Opening Letter

Brothers and Sisters of OCM,

We are embarking on a new adventure trusting God while we spend this year outside of our building. God has taken care of us and provided space at MS 131. Since it is a public school we must take care of the space and provide specific security for two reasons. First we want to ensure that we will be able to use the space for a full year. Second and more importantly we want to be a positive testimony to the community by how we take care of this facility.

Our prayer is that through this experience our members will grow stronger in their faith and that the community will see the love of God through our lives.

Sharing God’s love with NYC and the world.

OCM is a body, not a building.

With God’s blessing, we will be able to better serve this city and the world.

We envision a building that will be more open to the community, a place where all are welcome to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, and where we can use our resources to serve the greater community in Chinatown and New York City.