About Pastor Rocky Chan

Pastor Rocky has been serving teenagers since 1999. He was trained at the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and served as a youth minister in Boston for 11 years before returning to OCM. Rocky speaks Cantonese and English. He is married to Minna and they live in New Jersey.

What does a pastor do all week?
That’s a good question. I’m glad you asked.

How did you decide to become a youth pastor?
I used to manage a toy store, which was fun but not especially meaningful. However, I love the Bible and I love talking about the Bible. And I also love helping teenagers. Serendipity!

Do pastors have girlfriends or get married?
As a matter of fact, I married my girlfriend. So, yes and yes. Minna is a wonderful person and she is smart.

What kind of stuff do you like?
I like Star Trek movies, survival horror video games, reading about history, and making stuff out of wood. I also like table tennis but I’m not too good at it.